For its 8T and 9R smartphone models, OnePlus has started the OxygenOS 14 Closed Beta Program in India. With the help of this software, users can actively contribute to the improvement of OxygenOS 14 and get an early look at it.

Closed Beta Program for OnePlus 8T:

Indian consumers interested in testing out the new OxygenOS 14 features before the official release can apply now for the OnePlus 8T Closed Beta Program. The initiative is accessible to all active members of the OnePlus Community who are eager to offer thoughts and feedback, and it is restricted to 200 participants. Participants are need to use the OnePlus 8T’s Indian version, and they should be ready for the possibility of data loss when flashing builds.

Users must make sure their OnePlus 8T is running version KB2001_13.1.0.582(EX01) in order to qualify. Applications will be accepted starting on November 13 and continuing until all available spaces are filled. After passing the review, successful applicants will receive the OxygenOS 14 version within three working days.

Closed Beta Program for OnePlus 9R:

In addition, customers of the OnePlus 9R Indian model will now be able to participate in the OxygenOS 14 Closed Beta Program. Like the 8T program, 200 active members of the OnePlus Community are invited to take part in the closed beta testing stage of this initiative.

Enrolling in the OnePlus 9R Closed Beta Program requires participants to be able to put up with possible instability, data loss when flashing builds, and problems with third-party application incompatibility. Using a OnePlus 9R India edition, participating actively in the community, and maintaining regular contact with the OnePlus team via the Feedback APP and CBT Telegram channel are among the requirements for eligibility.

Users of the OnePlus 9R must verify that their phone has been updated to version LE2101_13.1.0.583(EX01) in order to apply. Starting on November 13 and continuing until the designated number of applications is received, is the application window.

Known Issues and Application Process:

Certain known faults are acknowledged by both Closed Beta Programs: screen flashing while opening the Weather card on Shelf, missing online ringtones on the Contact tab, and stuttering when enabling “Hide gesture guide bar” without transition animation. To fix any potential compatibility issues with Android 14, users are advised to update third-party programs to the most recent versions available in the Play Store.

After a rigorous evaluation procedure, those who are accepted into the application process will receive the OxygenOS 14 version three workdays after the application channel ends.

OnePlus places a strong emphasis on the privacy of the Closed Beta Program, forbidding users from disclosing installation files or any other internal beta-related material to parties other than the project team. Upon successful application verification, members will receive a Telegram group invitation to facilitate effective communication.

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