With the introduction of “Temporary Cloud Backup,” Samsung has revealed a significant enhancement to its cloud storage service that will provide customers with unlimited free storage for a maximum of 30 days. With the help of this service, customers will be able to store data from their computers or smartphones on Samsung Cloud storage for use at a later time, for example, while they wait for a new device to arrive or while their smartphone is being fixed.

While the total storage capacity of Temporary Cloud Backup is unlimited the size of any individual file is limited to 100GB. All types of data, including music, video, documents, and even private files stored in the Secure Folder, are covered by the service. According to Samsung, customers will have the ability to restore the uploaded data at any moment all over a 30-day time during which it will be safely preserved. The data will be automatically erased after 30 days.

Third-party applications will also be supported by Temporary Cloud Backup, which will not be limited to Samsung services and apps. The new service is being provided by the firm as a part of Maintenance Mode, a privacy feature that lets customers prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing their personal data when they give a device to be repaired. All types of data on their device can be securely backed up for recovery following repairs thanks to the new backup service.

It’s important to remember that the One UI 6 Beta-powered temporary backup feature was first made available to users in January of last year as a part of Samsung’s Maintenance Mode. My colleague Adam Conway even utilized it when replacing his Galaxy S23 Ultra in Ireland. Samsung may have been testing the functionality with a limited number of customers before beginning to roll it out more broadly; the reason for this may not be immediately evident.

According to a press release from Samsung, Temporary Cloud Backup will lessen the chance that consumers may lose access to data on misplaced, stolen, or damaged tablets and smartphones. Additionally, Samsung Account’s two-factor authentication safeguards the procedure, preventing illegal access to the data. Starting with Galaxy S and Z series devices in South Korea, the new capability will be made available to all Galaxy smartphones and tablets running One UI 6 globally this fall.

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