To reach the top, it is important to start from the bottom. It is equally necessary to remember your roots and help out others who are in the same situation as you were in the beginning. Marcus Blandin is a businessman and mentor who started small before making it big. He is the founder of many companies and thriving businesses. He uses his own life as an example to teach potential entrepreneurs the tricks of the trade. He is also a two-time bestselling author.

Marcus is the founder of Millionaires International and Wealthy Mindset University. He is also a top award-winning wealth coach and consultant in the United States. In addition to the brands mentioned above, Marcus is also the owner of several other companies such as FYI Business and Financial Solutions, Conversion REI, and many more. To spread his techniques, business tips and advice, he has written the books “Good Credit is Cool, Great Credit is Sexy,” as well as “Monetize your Motivation” both of which are no. 1 bestsellers.

As a business coach today, Marcus teaches financial literacy to potential businessmen. He also performs many acts of philanthropy such as over 500 toy giveaways at orphanages, food giveaways, bill payment giveaways, etc. He has a keen focus towards distributing as much knowledge as possible and helping the community that he used to belong to when he was young and poor. Therefore, he mentors youths regularly and has helped over 50 girls to achieve over $2 million in scholarships for college so far. “I came from nothing, so I understand better than most what it means to be poor. Now that I am in the top 1%, I have a duty and responsibility to help others like me realize the potential of their situation,” said Marcus. He also serves on the board of several non-profits working for various communities and responsible for empowering the youth.

As a sought-after business consultant, Marcus has had the experience of teaching thousands of businesspeople who owe him their success for building and upscaling their brands. His extensive knowledge in the field is complemented by his philanthropic efforts to raise the standard of living for those around him.

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