The day is seen in the US to recognize American ladies getting the sacred option to vote. The Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution disallows denying residents the option to vote on basis of gender.

Women’s Equality Day: The 100th anniversary of the Women’s Equality Day is being seen in the United States. The day is watched basically in the US on August 26, to recognize American ladies getting the constitutional right to vote.

The Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution was embraced in 1920. The law forbids denying residents, of the United States, the option to decide based on gender.

Women’s Equality Day: History and significance

Women’s Equality Day was first set in 1972. It is announced every year by the President of the United States. President Richard Nixon had given the principal official decree. From that point forward, each US president has given a decree assigning August 26 as Women’s Equality Day.

Previous US president Barack Obama’s decree read, “Nearly one century ago, with boundless courage and relentless commitment, dedicated women who had marched, advocated, and organized for the right to cast a vote finally saw their efforts rewarded on August 26, 1920, when the 19th Amendment was certified and the right to vote was secured.

In the decades that followed, that precious right has bolstered generations of women and empowered them to stand up, speak out, and steer the country they love in a more equal direction.”

Women’s Equality Day 2020: 100th Anniversary

In front of the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Equality Day, previous US first woman, Michelle Obama took to Twitter and stated, “The struggle for women’s suffrage was long-and even longer for women of color-but generations of women knew that our vote was our voice….”.

US agent to India, Ken Juster posted, “Today, we mark the 100th anniversary of the certification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, securing for women the right to vote. On this #WomensEqualityDay, we honor those across the world who continue to work for gender equality.”

Women’s Equality Day is presently regularly seen over the world to support and spread mindfulness about ladies’ strengthening.

The Twitter handle – Mann Ki Baat Updates – where about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Sunday radio collaborations are posted, set up a video of parts of the PM’s Independence Day speech on accomplishments of Indian ladies.

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