Daniel Bryan is right now thriving as an eco-friendly heel champion, yet another bit of art takes the character considerably further by making him into Captain Planet, and it’s astounding.

Daniel Bryan is as of now carrying on with his best eco-accommodating life, notwithstanding venturing to such an extreme as to make his eco-accommodating form of the WWE Championship. Artist Brent Schoonover took that trick to its normal decision however in another bit of art, and keeping in mind that you probably won’t have thought Daniel Bryan and Captain Planet would make an extraordinary mix, you will presently understand the mistake of your routes subsequent to seeing this.

The art indicates Bryan brandishing a full green facial hair and the beautiful outfit with his new belt behind him, and the text below reads “I want you to save our planet!”

When you see it you can’t generally unsee it, and you can look at the art for yourself above. You can discover a greater amount of Schoony’s art on his Instagram page.

While we most likely won’t see Bryan suiting up as the protector of planets, we’re almost certain the “new” Daniel Bryan isn’t ceasing his stranglehold on the WWE at any point in the near future. In the course of recent months Bryan, who was a recently loved babyface and commenced the notable Yes chants, is now enjoying his time as a heel that wants to protect the environment at any cost. Furnished with his Hemp WWE Championship and Rowan close by, he appears to be ready to get it going, and he’s even looked down rivals like Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles in his quest.

In all actuality, he didn’t win against Lesnar, however he put on a noteworthy appearing. Concerning his ongoing session with AJ, well, he inspired some assistance from Rowan to get that going, something that Captain Planet would presumably not endorse of.

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