Xiaomi has made available on its international website a 5W tiny solar panel. The IP66 waterproof rating is standard on the little Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Solar Panel. Xiaomi BW300 and BW500 outdoor cameras are compatible with the little solar panel.

With the long-lasting battery life provided by the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Solar Panel, solar energy is converted efficiently. This means that it offers steady, dependable power for prolonged recording. Plugging in is safer and leaks are eliminated with the USB-C waterproof connector.

The new Xiaomi solar panel has a 3-meter wire that can be used to connect USB-C to the outside camera. It is constructed of monocrystalline silicon. Because of the extension cord’s greater length, it is simpler to locate the ideal installation spot while maintaining camera connectivity. The product can function in the temperature range of -20°C to 55°C. In addition to being waterproof, the solar panel’s connecting wire successfully blocks fluids from entering while it is in use.

Along with a few extra attachments, the solar panel measures 218 x 178 x 16 mm. These consist of screws, tethers for expansion screws, location stickers, and mounting brackets. A product instruction booklet is included in the packaging.

Cost and Availability

The two outside cameras, the BW300 and BW500, as well as the solar panel’s pricing and release date are yet unknown. However, it is anticipated that Xiaomi will make these new items’ optics available very soon. It’s unknown if other Xiaomi products will work with the new Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Solar Panel.

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