Specifications of the Xiaomi 6A USB-A to USB-C Data Cable:

According to the specifications, the cable can supply up to 120W of power when used with Xiaomi chargers that are compatible. The cable’s 6A current output provides a noticeable charging boost.

The Xiaomi 6A cable is made to be compatible with a large variety of devices. Being able to charge popular smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, and other electronic devices makes it a flexible choice for consumers who own a variety of electronics.

The usage of skin-friendly silicone is a fundamental component of the cable’s construction. This material is easy to grip, keeps tangles from forming, and facilitates storing. Furthermore, Xiaomi claims that the cable is long-lasting and durable, withstanding over 10,000 phone-side plug-and-unplug cycles.

Moreover, the 480Mbps data transmission speeds provided by the Xiaomi 6A connection allow for seamless file transfers between devices. The 2-meter cable’s reach allows you to charge your devices comfortably at a distance, doing away with the need to be close to a power outlet.

Xiaomi claims that the cable has undergone extensive testing to guarantee safety and dependability, giving customers additional piece of mind. This covers industry- and national-level safety and certification procedures.

White, purple, and blue are the three color possibilities for the cable, so customers may select a tint that goes with their decor.

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