Since the social network’s introduction earlier this month, Meta has brought Threads its first substantial update, which you might find useful if you’re still growing your contact list. The company’s Cameron Roth has described an update to the iOS app that makes it simpler to see who has recently followed you by adding a Follows tab to the activity feed. It will be simpler for you to follow individuals back. In light of this, you can check your Instagram following list to see whether someone is missing.

The update also includes post text translations, giving you more motivation to follow users who are fluent in other languages. Unfollowed users can be subscribed to if you want notifications without having them clog up your timeline. There are also a few fundamental interface changes, such tapable labels for reposters. Particularly while loading or scrolling through your activity stream, the app should be leaner and more fluid.

Be prepared for some of the features to not be available right away since some of them are server-side activated. By the end of today (July 18), according to Roth, they have to be accessible. No timetable is given for when Android will receive a comparable update, but we have contacted Meta for comment and will update you if we hear back. However, the Android beta program provides features before they appear in the publicly accessible app.

The Threads team is aware that there are still many features that are lacking. A chronological feed, direct messages, or hashtags are not currently available. If you don’t also delete your Instagram account, you can’t fully unsubscribe from Threads. Additionally, using Threads on a PC is typically not practicable without a complete online version. Even while it might take some time to resolve every issue, this first release demonstrates that Meta is at least making some of its commitments.

Meta is driven to take immediate action. After a brief upswing, thread usage has decreased, and the lack of some features (such hashtags and a web app) may discourage potential new users. While Meta explores a European Union rollout and other preparations for a big growth, greater parity could help maintain interest.

Your first major iOS update to Threads allows you to view new followers.

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