The strange thing is that some iPhone 15 owners are reporting that their phones are becoming hotter and the battery is depleting more quickly than it did before, even though the update was meant to extend battery life.

Many customers are experiencing difficulties connecting to their networks and making calls after updating to iOS 17.2.1 on their iPhones. Although the purpose of this update was to address battery concerns, some users appear to have had new problems as a result.

People have been discussing this issue on sites like the Apple Community Forum, according to ZDNet. According to one user, they have tried everything-including switching SIM cards, calling their phone carrier, and going to the store-but they are still unable to establish a strong connection. Their phone continues asking to turn on data, and they are unable to utilize the internet correctly even when the signal appears to be strong.

His response was, “I use T-Mobile.” I took the phone to the store and spoke with customer assistance. They changed the SIM card twice: once with an eSim and once at the store with a brand-new SIM card. Not having a VPN profile installed. My personal hotspot still has no IP. only occasionally use the phone’s internet. Even if the connection shows four bars of 5Guc, I frequently receive a notice from my provider saying that I need to enable cellular data.

Another claimed that even after attempting to fix their daughter’s phone with assistance from the Apple store, it continued to have the same issue.

Apple has not yet made an official statement on these problems. However, a few community members have offered some suggestions that might be able to resolve the network issue brought on by the update. Users can attempt these recommendations until Apple responds or publishes another update.

People are concerned because they thought the update would improve their phones rather than cause them to break. They are worried about whether this upgrade will affect their iPhones’ ability to function properly.

People who are impacted sincerely hope Apple resolves this issue soon. They expect their phones to function as intended and to connect to networks correctly. This entire situation has demonstrated how important it is for businesses such as Apple to thoroughly test updates before to their release in order to prevent unanticipated issues for iPhone customers worldwide.

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