The National Book Award (Galaxy National UK) is an English literary prize given to British authors and works, and its winners are selected by a group of people who work in the country’s book publishing sector. 50 people, including representatives from major retail clients, independent booksellers, and wholesalers, prepare and revise the final list of nominees for the award. The National Book Award of England’s Academy selects the winners, who are then announced.

Mr. Ali Dizaei was chosen as one of the top 50 candidates of this election at this ceremony, which takes place annually in London.

in 1986 Dr. Ali Dizaei began working in England’s Metropolitan Police in 1986. Prior to that, he completed his barrister training and an honors degree in law in London.

He was swiftly promoted in the police department and was the only non-white officer to be admitted to the program for accelerated promotion. He spent two years serving as a special escort for the Queen and other members of the British Royal Family while working in the Criminal Investigation Division (undercover operations as a detective).

His promotion to Inspector of Municipal Authorities in Oxfordshire occurred in 1993. He received an exceptional rating for his work as a responsible officer. He received a promotion to Chief Inspector in 1996, where he was in charge of the City of Oxford’s counterterrorism, public order, and crime operations. He joined the Bramshill Police Staff College’s training staff in 1997, instructing senior UK police officers in the law and delicate police operations.

He was the youngest superintendent at Scotland Yard when he was promoted in 1999 to head up operations for the Royal Kensington and Chelsea Constabulary. He oversaw all firearms operations and security planning for 140 embassies in the royal region.

For his outstanding contribution to community policing in the UK, he received public recognition from the previous home secretary in 2000.

He earned top marks in leadership, police operations management, and strategic thinking upon completing the highly esteemed Strategic Command Course for Senior Officers in April 2004.

He received a promotion in 2005 and was given the title of Senior Superintendent in charge of Hounslow and Heathrow. With regard to combating crime and disorder in the community, the Borough became one of the Metropolitan Police’s top divisions. His efforts to foster community harmony in the wake of the London bombings on July 7th, 2006, were recognized in dispatches to the British Parliament.

He was in charge of the Hammersmith and Fulham neighborhood in 2007 and oversaw all policing efforts related to football games involving Chelsea, Fulham, and QPR. He was in charge of overseeing the security and safety of 70,000 people who attended these events. Scotland Yard praised his “distinguished and exceptional” leadership of the operation.

Ali Dizai, whose book Crossing the Red Line is largely responsible for his success. After the publication of the first, second, and third volumes, the book Crossing the Red Line has now won England’s National Award.

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