He holds a passion for mentorship, leadership and the law of attraction and has raised the standards for others as a global entrepreneur.

There are a few concepts that people yearn to learn more about, like leadership. They always look out for leaders with the aim to learn more from them and one day turn into leaders themselves for others in their business. Leadership is one of those qualities that drive people to where they stand today in their industries. Mentor leadership has become a vital component of business success in today’s time and age as it leads to developing great people, which in turn leads to massive growth and profitability, explains global entrepreneur Adem Dere, also known as TJ in the business world.

First of all, it is essential to understand what is mentor leadership. He explains that it is the art of leading a team through the effective mentorship of its members. It is also a powerful method for developing the best leaders of the future. Speaking more on why mentoring is essential for good leadership, Adem Dere, a top marketing manager, expert and mentor, says it is extremely important for leaders because it brings the best out of the people they lead. Mentorship generates confidence in people, inspires trust, and fast-tracks team development.

Adem Dere, who is also a coach to hundreds of people worldwide, helping them reach their full potential, has an extensive background in marketing. His passion for leadership and mentorship has made him a highly valued professional for any team. He highlights how people can become good mentors and get the best out of their teams.

  • Honesty is the best policy: Adem Dere says that people must first be open and honest about their mistakes. As leadership mentors, instead of feeling embarrassed about owning mistakes, they can share a story about the same talking about it as a challenge that they later overcame. This makes them more human and approachable as a leader.
  • Genuine interest in team members: Just like leaders wish their team members to see them as distinguished professionals, they, too, need to learn more about each of their team members and what they can bring to the table. It is necessary for leadership mentors to know members as people, their strengths and weaknesses, while also being good listeners.
  • Provide quality training: It is important for leadership mentors to invest in quality training of members to engage them more with their roles. This will help build new skills in them, and they will also feel a stronger connection with the mentor and ultimately feel motivated to invest those skills in the business.

Adem Dere (@tj.10xx), who is also a funder of several businesses, says that as a leadership mentor, he, too, focused on the points mentioned above and thus could come this far.

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