Rey Hernandez, officially known as “AQRUNITBACK” is a well-respected and renowned and revered audio engineer/producer hailing from Chicago. The incredibly versatile music production specialist echoes across the nation in various musical projects and cinematic productions. His attention and effort for exceptional music quality suits well to his iconic motto that “Quality Matters”. Being well versed with music and having an experience of more than 15 years Rey can effectively provide exceptional service at any stage of the music production process; from music instrumentation and beat production to final mixing and mastering.

With two fully produced record albums, “Gemini Tendencies” and “Applying Pressure” already under his belt, he was resonated with a wide spectrum of hip-hop enthusiasts across the nation. Furthering his industry credentials, he has also collaborated with several internationally acclaimed artists including Lud Foe, Elvy The God, Jaytekz and many more. His ever-burning musical passion, experimentation, and meticulous ear for quality has led him to produce across a wide range of musical genres from Hip-Hop, and Rap, to Latino, R&B, and Soul. Hailing from Puerto Rican descent, he grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the Chicagoland area without the support and guidance of his father. Despite the absence of conventional support, Rey was able to actively pursue his dream of making his mark in the music and entertainment industry.

Today, due to his ever-growing pursuit for success, he solely runs Chicago’s very own recording and music production studio, the “Hit Shop”. With years of experience,originality and versatile musical collaborations,
his quality-driven musical projects can be found on various platforms and streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, YouTube, and Google Play.

AQRUNITBACK is actively solidifying his place in the world of music with no sights of losing momentum. He truly is a shining star and his work undoubtedly speaks volumes.

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