Most homes you visit will have a few decorations to give some distinction. This is also a way for homeowners to personalize their homes, reflecting their personality, interests, or mood. This is possible in various ways, such as perfecting the colour scheme or adding unique furniture pieces. 

There is one interior home decoration that most would find attractive, and that is with wall art. You can find all sorts of styles like the macrame wall art, and these are just some of the many wall arts you may want to add to your home. If you are new to choosing your first wall art, you can follow a simple guide to ensure you get the perfect one the first time. 

Know Your Preferences 

Like with anything else, you need to know what you like. The only time you need to take inspiration from other people’s ideas is to widen your options. No matter how many variations of wall art you find, the decision will always depend on you. You know what your home looks like, what colours stand out the most, so it is practical to choose wall art that will appeal to you. 

The perfect wall art should give you a different feeling, and it needs to be a positive feeling. If you take a look at a piece and it gives off a negative feeling, you should trust that feeling and look for others right away. Apart from the feeling, you also need to think about other people who are living at home. It would be best if you choose the wall art with them so that you can all come to an agreement on which ones you plan to get. 

Determine the Wall Art Size

You may have seen a macrame wall art hanging on the wall of your friend’s house. The art may not appeal to you, but you notice that it fits well with its entire surroundings. One factor that helps achieve that is because of the wall art’s size. When looking for one, you need to keep in mind the wall’s size where you will place the wall art on. This will help you gauge what wall art size you need to have, aside from thinking about its design. 

A good tip you need to consider is not to choose a wall art picture that is not more than two-thirds lengthy than your couch. This can overwhelm the room, causing it to feel smaller, which is not a good idea. Another great tip is using two or more small photos and combining them into a single wall art group. It will work even better when you group small wall arts made by the same artist. 

Choose the Wall Art Colour and Style

After knowing what wall art size where you want, you should know the wall art colour and style. When it comes to styling, you need the art to correlate with the room’s theme. The same goes for the colour of the art. Ensure that the wall art colour does not have too many bright colours that could make it too bright or annoying to look at. 

Choosing your first wall art will not be a hassle anymore since you now have a guide to follow. Make sure to keep in mind some of the tips to not have any regrets after getting the wall art. 

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