Nobody can deny Google Maps is as of now the top navigation application out there, and it occurs for a valid justification. Google has invested a lot of effort into keeping the data showed to clients as exact as could reasonably be expected and given it as of now covers the vast majority of the world, it’s straightforward why endless individuals depend on this application to get directions to a particular objective.

Like the other route applications out there, Google Maps attempts to decide your area to give you important data, and obviously, it turns out to be generally useless on the off chance that it can’t do this.

Understanding the blue dot

While for a great many people the blue spot showed on Google Maps shows where they are, this is really a considerably more significant component of the application.

On the other hand, in the event that you do see the blue dot, it really is ideal. This implies Google Maps has figured out how to decide your area and knows precisely where you are, so in fact, it should have the option to give you navigation directions just fine.

Then again, if the blue dot is no place to be seen, or if rather than blue it utilizes gray, this implies Google Maps can’t locate your present area for some explanation. So what Google does is show your keep going known area on the map, however it’s implied this data may not, at this point be precise in case you’re now in somewhere else.

Google clarifies there’s additional about the blue dot that clients should focus on while running Google Maps:

“The blue dot shows you where you are on the map. When Google Maps isn’t sure about your location, you’ll see a light blue circle around the blue dot. You might be anywhere within the light blue circle. The smaller the circle, the more certain the app is about your location,” the company quickly clarifies.

How Google Maps knows where you are

Like some other navigation application, Google Maps most importantly depends on the GPS sensor inside your telephone to decide your area and show the blue dot we’ve recently examined about. On account of this technique, Google Maps is fit for deciding your area up to roughly 20 meters, so it’s implied this is one exceptionally exact approach to sort out where you are.

However, it’s improving. Google Maps can likewise search for your area dependent on Wi-Fi data. In case you’re associated with a wireless network, the application can utilize its data to get more precise information, and afterward utilizing the GPS subtleties, show your area on the map.

On the off chance that neither GPS nor Wi-Fi is accessible, at that point Google Maps goes to cellular data to assess your area, just that for this situation, the exactness is significantly diminished. Google says the area could be precise up to a couple thousand meters, so it’s entirely clear this isn’t really the best technique to utilize when driving.

What you can do, in any case, is empower the high-precision mode, which on Android gadgets is accessible under Settings > Location > Mode > High exactness.

There are minutes, in any case, when Google Maps struggles to decide your area regardless of whether all that has all the earmarks of being working effectively, and this can be brought about by different reasons, including messed up updates that were introduced on your telephone.

In most cases, in the event that you are totally certain Google Maps is not, at this point ready to decide your area as a result of a broken update, the most straightforward approach to manage the entire thing is to simply return to a prior form, as on Android this is conceivable with a manual download of the APK installer.

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