The provider of wireless systems administration arrangements, reported that the standard plant factory warranty for selected devices will be expanded at no additional charge to customers. This extension of the guarantee applies to most remote availability arrangements from Cambium Networks Wireless Fabric of Connectivity Solutions.

“Network operators expect reliable and economical connectivity solutions – we’re offering them both,” said Scott Imhoff , senior vice president and product and marketing director of Cambium Networks. “With these three years of standard warranty for outdoor equipment and five years for indoor Wi-Fi business solutions, Cambium Networks is responsible for the performance and reliability of its technology.”

We realize that Cambium Networks manufactures highly reliable products. It is one reason why we invest in Cambium Networks as the main providers for our wireless network needs, but it is reassuring to know that Cambium Networks protects our investment with the broadest standard guarantee, “said Barry Wilson, national director of Eurona Ireland.

Notwithstanding the maintenance agreement, Cambium Networks enhances the offer of its wirless “fabric” with free cloud-based system the executives services; and for Wi-Fi, free Controller usefulness; by means of cnMaster. There are no yearly permit restorations or membership charges for the wide scope of services accessible through cnMestro; which enables clients to deal with the Cambium Network’s remote “fabric” from the hub to the NOC.

CnMestro has turned out to be particularly helpful for managed service providers because of its capacity to help multi-renting from a solitary record – permitting MSPs to productivelyand effectively manage disparate networks of their clients through a single panel of control, “said Rad Sethuraman, vice president of Enterprise Product Management.

“These multi-year guarantees reduce my business risk. I also value the 24×7 support phone of Cambium Networks – it’s wonderful that it’s a person who answers you on the phone. My technicians rely on Cambium Networks Community to obtain new ideas and solutions for old problems. It’s really a complete support solution from Cambium Networks, “said Chris Bay, CEO of Bays-ET.

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