With the developing number of positive coronavirus cases in the United States, specialists are attempting to make sense of the entirety of the indications relating to the infection.

Presently, the American Academy of Ophthalmology is prescribing doctors take coronavirus precautions when managing patients.

As per AAO, a few reports propose the infection can cause conjunctivitis, ordinarily referred to as pink eye.

Pink eye is a bothering of the eye that causes redness, swelling, and at times release.

Despite the fact that it’s viewed as an rare symptom, reports show that the infection can be transmitted by vaporized contact with conjunctiva.

AAO says any individual who goes to the specialist for pink eye, yet who may likewise be encountering a hack, shortness of breath and who has as of late made a trip to zones known for the outbreak, could test positive for COVID-19.

Doctors likewise noticed that these instances of pink eye are uncommon, and just seem to affect one to three percent of the individuals who tried positive for COVID-19.

Dr. Sonal Tulsi with AAO prescribes changing to glasses if conceivable during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.