Google may at last carry its dull mode for search to PC clients. 9to5Google reports that clients have found testing for a dark theme for Google’s desktop web searches. The tests just seem to last quickly (Reddit client Pixel3aXL saw it travel every which way inside hours) and don’t influence the landing page, yet they work in outsider programs like Firefox.

The appear to be identical, in any event. In the event that you get the test, you’ll see a dark gray background with a white Google logo and blue buttons.

We’ve approached Google for comment.

It’s not sure when (or if) Google will extend the test to more individuals. It won’t be astonishing if there’s a more wider rollout in the months ahead, however. Both macOS and Windows 10 have had dull topics for some time, and Chrome itself upholds dark modes for singular sites. A dark desktop search page would save you from searing your eyes during those late evening computing sessions.

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