Playing many different roles of being a model, photo/videographer, coach, and consultant, Simone knows how to play it all well with outstanding results.

Social Media is one of the biggest platforms for the new generations to showcase their talent. But on other hand it is the most competitive place, as it is highly difficult to stand out from the crowd among millions of people. We see loads of content on many platforms and it’s very tough for any aspiring social media star to win people’s heart. TikTokers, youtubers and, in general, influencers have to hustle hard to earn the trust and love from the audience. It does take time to win over their hearts and establish yourself as a successful social media star. One true blue professional who has garnered much love and affection from many different social media apps is Simone. This Italian individual has been riding high in his industry making a huge mark for himself and setting the highest standards of professional work.

Simone has placed many hats on his head and has been able to manage them exceedingly well with his hardcore talent, sheer passion, love, and interest.

Today, not only he is a successful model, but also a personal trainer, professional photo/videographer and social media consultant for many brands and firms. He started his career as a model at the age of 19 and won the second place in “Mister Italy” beauty competition. He quickly changed his gears and moved to Hong Kong to keep working as a model and trainer. There, he realised that making short videos and posting it online could possibly become a rich source of earnings if pursued with dedication. After further developing his creative skills as a videographer, he started to create impactful videos of 10/20 sec showing the brand/product for his clients. This started generating thousands of views and, therefore, creating a huge profitable business for Simone and his team. Simone’s clients include multi-nationals like Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong, Xiaomi, La Duree and many more.

To further pursue his education in business, Simone moved to London in 2019 and started to strengthen his online presence through photography and videography tutorials. As of today, he mentors, coaches, and trains many other upcoming photographers and influencers who wish to make it big in the social media realm. Simone is also an established social media consultant for many brands and firms who wish to make their product a huge hit through social media.

Simone continues to up the ante with a huge loyal fan base. He has more than 500k followers on TikTok and more than 100k on Instagram.






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