Abhishek Panara is one such entrepreneur in Gujarat who believes in being self-reliant. He wants to shape his business and ventures self-reliant and wants others to tread his path. Hence he has come out with an important venture called Lappen, which is an important online Indian platform provider for freelancers and others. It will be an e-commerce platform, which will help people to market their skill sets and get work from their potential clients.

He is ready to launch his platform in the coming first week of October 2020 and thus going to create all buzz, which others have not even thought of. Abhishek Panara being a digital marketer has a very good understanding about the market and the way things work. He understands the importance of marketing your skills and getting clients, and hence was able to develop such an online platform, which is ready to get its launching on the web. He holds expertise in accounts, Human Resource management and ERP.

He is a digital marketing professional and has got the chance to work with clients all across the world, adding his profile and expertise to the next level. This made his vision broad and thus he is able to think out of the box coming out with something new and interesting. Lappen is somewhere called something really different and interesting, which others would rather empower many freelancers and others in finding work. He is just on the verge of launching the same, and is very much confident of turning the table in the Indian market. Just wait and watch!

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