The present Doodle celebrates Argentine artist Olga Orozco, an master of the surreal, on her 100th birthday celebration. With 18 distributed volumes, she is broadly viewed as a crucial figure in 1940s Argentine and Latin American poetry.

Olga Nilda Gugliotta Orozco was born on this day in 1920 in Toay, a small town in central Argentina.

The mystery she felt in the district’s unending level fields impacted her for an amazing duration.

Orozco took an early enthusiasm for verse and proceeded to study literature at the University of Buenos Aires. She effectively distributed her initial work in the literary magazine, Canto, and discovered inventive company among a similarly invested group of journalists that came to be alluded to as “The Generation of ’40.”

In 1946, she distributed her first book of verse, “Desde lejos” (“From Far Away”), starting a productive innovative period that endured decades and cemented her status among Argentina’s extraordinary artists.

Her work was set apart by a feeling of magic and spirituality, investigating potential measurements past the ordinary physical world.

To pay tribute to her work, Orozco got numerous remarkable honors, including the 1998 FIL Literary Award in Romance Languages—one of the most lofty distinctions in Latin American and Caribbean writing.

¡Feliz cumpleaños, Olga Orozco!!!

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