Happy International Vyshyvanka Day!

The present Doodle, delineated by Kyiv-based visitor artist Tania Yakunova, respects the Ukrainian embroidered shirt (known as vyshyvanka) in recognition of International Vyshyvanka Day.

Held every year on the third Thursday of May, this holiday is devoted to the conservation and recovery of Ukraine’s people custom of making and wearing embroidered apparel. What started in 2006 has since detonated into a worldwide wonder with investment in more than 50 nations around the globe.

Embroidery has been a piece of Ukrainian culture since some time before the nation itself was built up. As indicated by archaeological proof and the records of the Greek history specialist Herodotus, the Scythians who occupied Ukrainian regions as right on time as the ninth century B.C. regularly wore embroidered attire.

More than 250 particular weaving join can be utilized to shape the vyshyvanka’s mark coded images. These regularly fall into three classes: floral ornamentation, zoomorphic figures, and geometric shapes, which can all be found in the present Doodle artwork.

No example comes without a point by point importance, and Ukraine’s shifted societies and common scenes are reflected in the one of a kind iconography utilized inside every area.

Hundreds of years after the fact, the vyshyvanka today is perceived as a basic segment of Ukraine’s national outfit and a declaration of energy and social pride. So throw on your best embroidered shirt, and participate in this festival of Ukrainian culture.

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