Happy National Day, Belgium!!!

The present Doodle honors Belgium’s National Day in celebration of the date on which Leopold I, Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, swore his loyalty to Belgium’s new constitution in 1831.

With this pledge he was named the main lord of the Belgians, denoting the official beginning of a free Belgian state under his standard.

Shown in the Doodle artwork is Belgium’s tri-shaded, vertically striped banner. Components of the banner’s plan are accepted to go back more than 800 years, as its yellow and black stripes mirror the gold shield and black lion found on the seal of Count Philip of Flanders as right on time as 1171.

The mix of every one of the three hues can be followed to the emblem of the dukedom of Brabant, which delineates a golden lion with a red mouth and paws against a black foundation.

Out of appreciation for Brabant’s vital early job in Belgium’s battle for freedom, these notable hues were chosen with the reception of Belgium’s 1831 constitution to make up the official flag of the recently sovereign country.

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