Armed with a winning mentality, fearlessness and undeterred focus to fulfill his dreams, Camilo Doumat has turned his life around and achieved success at a young age. Today, Camilo is a renowned e-commerce success.

Being successful at a young age is no easy feat and it doesn’t mean that there weren’t challenges to get through. Camilo, better known as ‘Parteface’, was born in Venezuela and he began his first business at 16 years of age where he sold phones online. His passion for online businesses has followed him since he was a young man.

One of his biggest dreams was to be able to create a business that allows him to be his own boss and work from anywhere in the world, while enjoying financial freedom. He has achieved every part of that dream at 25, and is an inspiration to many people who’re struggling to establish their businesses.

Camilo has toughed many challenges in his life; his business didn’t take off as he’d hoped in Venezuela and he was once a victim of a kidnapping. As a result of these challenges, he made the decision to move to the US where he would combine his love for computers and passion of selling online and put it into practice.

He is now a notable figure in the world of e-commerce, having managed to turn over 7 million dollars in a year and two months. He has made 1.3 million dollars in a month and over $100k in a single day.

Owing to his success in the business, Camilo is now working towards helping others achieve what he has managed to achieve in his career so far. One of the main things he emphasizes on is that, even though entrepreneurship can be and is dangerous, it can radically change your life forever. People need to persevere through challenges and fears and have a winning mentality in order to achieve their dreams and attain financial freedom.

Camilo loves exotic cars; he owns two Lamborghinis, and he loves watches as well. He is financially free to work from anywhere in the world as long has he has a computer with him. It is worth celebrating that he encountered and faced countless obstacles in his journey in the e-commerce world.

According to Camilo, the secret to success in the e-commerce world is to work on your website or online store as if you were to buy from it yourself, so that it can give confidence to the buyer to make a purchase. He is now an expert in creating, promoting and growing internet brands.

Given his humble beginnings and how far he’s come now, Camilo Doumat just might be the inspiration you need to turn your life around. Look forward to his Mastermind Project that begins from January 2021.

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