What was your biggest, most painful failure? What did you learn from this


I made many investments in my life, and not all of them showed gains, but the important

thing to me is to get up and not give up. Initially, in the e-commerce’s world, it is a constant

failure: you raise some money, you invest it, and in most cases, you lose everything (as I

did). In the past, I’ve also tried to start offline businesses and they failed as well after a few

months. Bankruptcy can be a constant for an entrepreneur, especially for an online

entrepreneur, since you can start an online business with small investments and grow it

fast. It’s impossible to become a great entrepreneur if you never failed.

On the flip-side, what was your biggest success? Was it important, and if so


My biggest success was getting where I am today. Every single brand I launched, the

courses I did, the students I helped, allowed me to be what I am today: a very successful

entrepreneur, a reference point for thousands of people. It is important to never forget the

path that has brought me here: I was not born with all this.

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