Unquestionably, WhatsApp plays a significant role in many of our digital lives and facilitates communication with family, friends, coworkers, and other people. Though it seldom occurs, things might go sour and someone may block you for a number of reasons. It’s impossible to know for sure if someone has blocked you or if there’s another reason why you wish to know.

However, there are a few indications that might be able to help you in determining whether you have been blocked on WhatsApp. The following conditions are present:

‘Last Seen’ and ‘Online’ Status are Not Appear:

It’s possible that you’ve been blocked if you can’t see these. However, many people would rather keep this information hidden in the privacy-conscious world of today. As a result, you cannot draw conclusions based only on this element.

Unchanged WhatsApp Profile Picture:

If your profile photo isn’t updated, it could potentially indicate that you’ve been blocked.

Single Tick for Lack of Delivery Receipts:

Your communications may be a serious clue that they are blocked if they just display one tick after you send them. You will not receive messages if you are blocked.

Ineffective Voice and Video Calls:

Another indication that someone is blocked on WhatsApp is if you keep trying to call them but it doesn’t work. WhatsApp prevents contacts that have been blocked from contacting the person who blocked them.

Calls From Outside WhatsApp Don’t Connect Either:

If using your phone dialer to call the person outside of the app doesn’t work either, it can be an indication that they have stopped you from using WhatsApp outside of it as well.

These indications are not  foolproof, even though they can indicate that you have been blocked. After all, it’s possible that someone has turned off their “last seen” status or is temporarily not using a profile picture since they’re in a low network area. It’s essential to remember that if you notice any combination of these issues continuing even after you’ve tried contacting the individual several times, it’s likely that you’ve been blocked.

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