Production and sales of OnePlus and Realme’s smart TVs in India are apparently no longer being made and conducted. According to industry sources, both Chinese corporations have chosen to give up on the Indian television market. The reason for this has not yet been made clear. Though neither OnePlus nor Realme have confirmed nor denied these rumors, respectively. As a result, it needs to be treated with caution right now. The sector has allegedly been doing well for Xiaomi, on the other hand.

According to reports, the Google TV-enabled smart television sets produced and sold in India by OnePlus and Realme, two Chinese smartphone manufacturers, would no longer be available. When it comes to the television market, according to a report by ET Telecom that cited industry sources, both OnePlus and Realme have chosen to leave India. They will, however, keep making smartphones here.

The demand for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar has reportedly increased in India, boosting the market for smart TVs, according to a research. The deal for TVs from OnePlus and Realme is currently running together with the ongoing Christmas sales on Amazon and Flipkart, which is very significant.

The latest reports are unexpected given how well both Chinese manufacturers were doing domestically in the smart TV market. One of the brands of smart TVs with the highest growth last year, according to a Counterpoint Research report for 2022, was OnePlus. In contrast, Xiaomi, a different Chinese manufacturer of smart devices, dominated the Indian smart TV market in 2022.

It’s important to remember that, despite these claims, neither OnePlus nor Realme have confirmed nor denied these rumors. The OnePlus smart TVs are still available for purchase in India via online retailers or the main website of the business. What the businesses have to say about the rumors that they are leaving India remains to be seen.

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