Young Jack Estes DeBrabander, a student at Michigan State University studying Business and Communications, has big dreams and big plans. None of which, he tells us, would be possible without surrounding himself with others who have more experience than he. “My dad used to tell me this saying: Tell me who you are hanging out with, and I will tell you who you are,” Jack says.

But how can one surround themselves with high-caliber and high-net worth individuals if they don’t know any personally? By leveraging the power of the World Wide Web.

Here Jack shares some online sources of motivation that we can all use to increase our value each day:

A-List Actors and Athletes

Have you always wondered what it takes to make it big in Hollywood or to become a professional athlete? There are so many online interviews of stars for you to watch that lay out what these people did to achieve the success that they have now. Stars like Will Smith, Jim Carrey, J-Lo, The Rock, Dwayne Johnson or athletes like the late Kobe Bryant, Ray Lewis as well as female athletes, like Serena and Venus Williams, are available 24/7 for anyone looking to make it in that field. Ted Talks are also a great way to get strategies from some of the greatest minds in business today.

Morning Motivational Videos

There is one thing that sets all successful people apart and that is starting your morning off by feeding yourself something positive. It can include a healthy breakfast, an early workout, self-reflective meditation, or even a motivational video. There are quite a few videos that not only include a motivational message but also upbeat music to get the blood flowing and the brain juices pumping.

Compilation Videos

Several people have taken interviews or movie clips and compiled them into motivational or instructional videos. Some of the best have scenes from movies like Rudy and Rocky. Some others consist of actual interviews of multi-millionaires and billionaires. Jack makes it clear that he prefers “it when they share in a way that I can learn from their mistakes and (hopefully) build my business faster than they did.”

Success Series Videos

Similar to the compilation videos, there are several YouTube channels dedicated to specific themes regarding success and motivation. Some of the most popular channels have episodes dedicated to “top ten insights from industry leaders”, as well as how to set SMART goals and morning routines.

Jack feels like he has no excuses for not making it big. “I live in a time when I can find out exactly what people like Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, or Elon Musk did to reach the level where they are at today.” He concludes, “If I don’t make it, it won’t be because I didn’t have all the tools and knowledge available to get me there.” We’re pretty sure that if Jack continues on his current trajectory, there’s nothing stopping him from reaching the top.

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