Jay Shah, the BCCI secretary in Mumbai on Wednesday, revealed that the organization will shortly publish an advertisement for a new coach.

“Rahul is only here till June. Thus, he is free to apply if that is what he wants to do,” the BCCI secretary stated. Following discussions with the new coach, decisions will be made about the other members of the coaching team, including the batting, bowling, and fielding coaches. Shah kept the matter open-ended and did not completely rule out the prospect of a foreign coach.

“We don’t know if the new coach will be foreign or Indian. The BCCI official hinted that the board is unlikely to take into account different coaches for different formats, a method used by boards like the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and even the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). “It will be up to the CAC, and we are a global body,” the official added.

The CAC will also make that determination. There are numerous all-format players, like Rishabh Pant, Rohit Sharma, and Virat Kohli. In addition, such a circumstance has never happened before in India.”

Shah confirmed that the next coach will be named for a long-term position, with an initial three-year tenure.

Regarding the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) Impact Player rule Shah said that decisions about its continuation will be made after consulting with coaches and captains. He did, however, highlight the importance of the regulation, which allows an IPL team to include two more Indian players in their starting lineup.

Impact Player served as a trial run. He highlighted that two new Indian players are receiving opportunities in the IPL when it was set up that the regulation would not benefit all-rounders. Before making a decision on the Impact Player’s future, we will consult with the broadcasters and franchises, among other stakeholders. No one has raised complaints to the rule, so it’s not permanent,” he said.

He disclosed that the finalization of the retention regulations and the meeting with the franchises would take place shortly. He added that, in contrast to recent statements made by an official from Cricket Victoria, a Cricket Australia affiliate, in Mumbai, there have been no talks on bringing back the Champions League Twenty20 competition.

While it is commonly expected that Shah will assume the leadership of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in November, he did reveal that talks will take place to explore the idea of holding the World Test Championship (WTC) final somewhere besides England.

Shah highlighted the value of red-ball cricket but said the individual state associations will decide whether to pay its domestic players more. Additionally, he disclosed that Hardik Pandya, who received an A grade in Central Contracts, was willing to participate in domestic white-ball cricket.

In addition, he stated that the domestic cricket league structure will be revealed shortly and that the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru’s High-Performance Centre will open for business in August.

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