His amazing performances have made him a towering sports personality, featuring him on CNN.

There have been innumerable sports stars who have proven their mettle by displaying their spectacular performance on the field, amazing their fans and creating a frenzy inside the sports arena. History has a long list of such outstanding performers who have given enough reasons for sports enthusiasts to fall in love with them and follow their every move. Football tops the list of sports which is followed globally and has crazy fans dying to watch their favourite player kick that winning goal into the net. Such is the popularity of these players that fans are willing to go to any levels to watch their favourite player’s team win. No doubt, football players are enjoying all the adulation from all quarters. When we speak about emerging talents in this sport who have done exceptionally well, having displayed their playing skills in every game they were a part of, we can’t help talking about Jonquall Carrothers, whose name has been circling around the game for quite some time now.

He has proven his class by displaying his skills, which has been noticed by sports insiders as well as the audience. Such has been the impact of his game that he has made it to a special feature by CNN, which makes him stand amongst the privileged few sports persons who have been a part of this media giant’s programs. At 24, he has achieved a lot more than his contemporaries or even sports veterans, it would not be wrong to say. The young Memphis, TN, born football star has won several awards and has been recognized on a global platform for his outstanding game playing skills, which have spiraled his popularity to towering heights of success. His list of achievements is huge, some of which include first team NCCAA all American, first team all mid-south conference, Kentucky pro football hall of fame all commonwealth team selection, NCCAA scholar athlete, academic all mid-south conference, mid-south conference tackle leader, ranked 9th in tackles nationally in all positions, 3rd ranked linebacker nationally in tackles.

When asked about how it feels to be on the top and being recognized for his excellent ranking in the sport, he says, “I have just begun my football career and there’s a lot in store for me. The best is yet to come.”

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