Kavish Mishra (Music Composer and Producer) shares and explains the truth of the new era. According to the Composer, a song can be visualized as a perfect recipe for appropriate portions of melody, music, lyrics, and singing. Isn’t it? But what happens when you re-use a pre-made recipe and just add a few melody and music, to term it as a remix or remake songs? That cannot taste like an original recipe. This is what is happening in one of the ‘top film and music industries of the world,’ Bollywood, or the Indian Film Industry.

Bollywood has produced a perfect blend of originality till some time ago, but off-late things have now changed. Now, we hear the hit songs of the 1990’s and 2000’s era in the latest movie releases every Friday, but with changed music and tone. Why does it happen? Are the creators of these original-hits lost or dead? But that’s not true! They are still alive. A person who has produced a top-class music recipe in the past can produce an original melody once again, and it is a fact!

Then, what has happened to the Indian Music Industry or the audience that those original singers, Lyricists, composers, music-directors have seemed to be lost somewhere?

In an interview with Kavish Mishra, he said, “The so-called killing of Indian Original Music is happening because of the new generation and their un-improvised taste. The race between the original music and the remix version started a few years ago, but people have started enjoying the remixes because of rock-and-pop versions, which they might be acquiring from English-based songs.” He further adds, “Audience should not forget the time when they had experienced back to back hit songs from the top-class Indian singers in the 1990’s and 2000’s. If they are still alive, they can still provide an original piece of music to us.”

Kavish Mishra expresses his great devastation with this on-going trend of Bollywood music. He speaks, “It’s totally fine to use the idea of recreation or remixes once or twice, but as it’s happening every time now, it’s not a healthy trend!” Adding a few senseless lyrics to the original version and tuning the voice of the singer for scale and pitch does not produce a perfect meaningful song. This requires creativity, originality, and hard work, of course!

According to the music composer, all the musicians and upcoming talents in the Indian Music Industry should produce their original work as it can provide them with genuine credits. Remixing or remaking a song is not creativity or originality. The songs which have been created by legends should not be manipulated to create a remix version. It is true that old is gold, but if you try to change the original version, it’s not gold anymore.

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