Dynamics 365 Field Service’s Copilot capabilities aim to speed up time-consuming procedures, Viva Connections’ Announcements will keep teams in touch, and Windows 365 Frontline allows shift and part-time workers to work from wherever.

To enhance operations, communications, and experiences for frontline employees, Microsoft has added new tools and integrations throughout Microsoft 365 that are powered by artificial intelligence.

Frontline technicians will be able to write work orders and more effectively assign them to the appropriate technicians by using Copilot, which will be made available throughout the Dynamics 365 Field Service application in Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Frontline technicians will also be able to make draft replies to client messages. Users will have access to Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to solve issues in real time, communicate details about upcoming work orders, and view them.

Notifications in Viva Connections, which allow users to compose, plan, and target critical notifications to big groups of people, will also help workers engage with their coworkers better.

In a blog post titled “Save costs and drive efficiency with next-generation AI on the frontline with Microsoft Teams,” Nicole Herskowitz, vice president of Teams, stated that “today, 64% of the frontline workforce says they don’t have enough of the necessary resources to get their work done efficiently.” “Your teams become disjointed due to a lack of easily accessible resources and information, which lowers both their efficiency and sense of kinship with the organization as a whole.”

In September, announcements will be made concerning tablet and mobile experiences.

Additionally, Windows 365 Frontline became generally accessible in July, allowing shift and part-time workers to access their customized Windows accounts from any location on any device.

In a blog post titled “Microsoft solutions boost Fortune 500 frontline productivity with next-generation AI,” Charles Lamanna, corporate vice president of business applications and platform at Microsoft, stated that the recent Work Trend Index “shows that there is an opportunity for digital tools to help ease the burden on these essential workers.” “At Microsoft, we think that technology has the potential to fundamentally alter the way that work is done. We are driving positive change for frontline employees, customers, and the bottom line by investing in cutting-edge workforce solutions.

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