You’ll soon be able to hand off calls between your phone and PC.

Microsoft has uncovered various highlights it’s bringing to Teams calls. It will before long offer CarPlay support, so you can place and answer Teams calls utilizing Siri while you’re out and about. Microsoft didn’t state whether it would add a comparative capacity for Android Auto or Alexa-enabled vehicles.

Somewhere else, Microsoft has redesignd the call interface with a smoothed out plan (which it unveiled at its Ignite conference) that arranges your contacts, voicemail and call history into a single view.

Different highlights incorporate a choice to consolidate calls, upgraded reverse number lookup (for example caller display) and spam call detection.

Teams admins would now be able to change the default storage area for call recordings to OneDrive and SharePoint rather than Microsoft Stream, which could make it simpler to share recordings or transcripts.

Another valuable element is in transit right on time one year from now: you’ll have the option to move calls between your telephone and your PC. That, alongside the CarPlay support, will prove to be useful when you need to move to another area while you’re on a call. A low-information mode will likewise show up before the expected time 2021.

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