WeIN is considered to bring in a wave of new and comfortable clothing for all at modest prices and change the face of the Indian fashion industry for the better.

To penetrate an already saturated market is not a cakewalk for anyone in any industry. It sometimes takes years to make a mark in a highly competitive sector where different companies try to put their best foot forward and serve their customers with the best quality products. However, India has seen an upsurge of many foreign companies in the recent past that took over the major parts of business opportunities for the country. Hence, in a bid to get rid of many Chinese apps and give India a chance to prove its mettle in various industries by showing its dominance through their talents, the government of India has paved the way for many Indian companies to come forward and showcase their abilities and skills as a robust company of their respective fields. WeIN is the product of the same in the fashion industry, where it aims to penetrate the fashion market and get its name imprinted in the minds of the customers as a great Indian alternative to Shein.

WeIN is truly an Indian brand made entirely in the country which focuses on offering apparel that redefines the fashion industry and at the same time serving customers with the best rates. It is making way to provide fashion at the doorstep with their unique online store that speaks volumes about their suave and urbane style clothing that seems all comfy and relaxed. It is their aim to make India independent on affordable fashion an also later work towards gaining a global name in the sector.

Becoming the best alternative to Shein, WeIN talks about affordable clothing that can make people crave for more and show their dependency on this 100% pure Indian brand. Making the initiatives of Vocal for Local and Make in India, more popular, WeIn is determined to move forward in the fashion industry and provide more opportunities in employment and business to Indians to lead the growth of the economy of the country. 

They are focusing on all aspects that Shein focused on like the bonus points system for rewarding loyal customers and providing plus-size apparel to all. They have sizes till XXL and they proudly call the plus-size section as “PLUS FOR US, Embrace your curves“, they also cater to men’s fashion. At the initial stage, they want to look after women clothing line more and focus on the target audience of ladies between 16 to 24 years.

In the mid of August WeIN is planning to get launched full-fledged and showcase why they deserve a special place in the Indian fashion world which is about trend-setting apparels and comfort all in one.

To be updated on WeIN and their clothing line, follow them on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/Weinofficial/.

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