The inspiring story and journey of Ryan Rios who had made to become #1 producer salesman in Amazon, Walmart.

The hardest job in today’s era is undoubtedly Sales. It’s a highly demanding job with no specific working hour. It requires one to be on the toes always and keep on improvising. A recent survey was done were 73% respondent rating sales job as “highly stressful”. Sales criteria has changed a lot due to selling on social media which is affecting the prospectus of demand. Sales is an integral part of each and every industry, whether it is retail, healthcare, FMCG, Banking or any other domain. Revenue generation and profit building for any organization is through sales channels only, so every other function in the company becomes a support function whereas sales remain the top priority.  

Let’s meet a man who has changed the sales market by achieving tremendous success- Ryan Rios from California. After losing his warehouse job, Ryan came across an advertisement on Craigslist which led to beginning of his sales journey in 2013. Such were hardship time for Ryan that he had to borrow $2 from his mother to take the bus ride for the interview, but he finally cracked the interview to get his first sales job. He was paid $190 a week. He just took this opportunity to make enough money and finally move into his own house.

As he progressed in his new sales job, he started training with Ricky Gomez who taught him all the basics and fundamentals pertaining to sales field. Ricky would train Ryan from 4am to 7pm daily. When Ricky thought Ryan has trained enough, then he introduced him to his brother Kris Gomez aka shark. Kris further thought Ryan how to upskill, sell big and thereby enabling him to master the art of sales. This was the time when Ryan took his sales proficiency to the next level, broke each and every record of Telemarketing Industry and now he is one of the top producers from the past couple of years.

Today Ryan’s selling and negotiation skills has enabled him to achieve many feats. He made it to 6 figure mark at the age of 23. Became the top producing salesman in Telemarketing industry in a short span of 4 months. Also reached his 7-figure mark in a year’s time which has never being achieved by an individual before.  Ryan has maintained his tag of #1 salesman in the country in the tele marketing domain. Ryan has overall done $5 million in sales throughout his career.

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