Boasting an impressive social media following, Dr. Simon Ourian is an industry leader in performing nose jobs. If you are one of the 3.5 MILLION followers on Instagram who follow and interact with Simon Ourian, MD, then you recognize that he is one of the go-to beauty dermatology doctor around — and that one of his specialties is the non-surgical rhinoplasty. Being the founder of the Epione clinic in Beverly Hills, California, Simon Ourian is the man in charge of many exceptional nostril jobs.

Unlike most doctors, Dr. Ourian used what he calls the micro-droplet method as a substitute for the oftentimes chosen threading approach. This procedure “requires a very tiny needle and I put the product right in the place I desire it to be,” he said. “This offers a greater predictable and connate result.”

Non-Surgical Nose Job by Simon Ourian, MD

This system can be viewed infinite times on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” where Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, and Kris have all been filmed receiving Dr. Ourian’s signature non-surgical aesthetic remedies in Epione’s pristinely white rooms. For years, LA locals and people worldwide have been deeply involved through the existence of an area like Epione and the casualness and relief with which well-known households stroll in to get prodded with needles and lasers.

Today, fixing botched nostril jobs and the spa-like enterprises in which they’re administered are a ways ahead of where they had been when Ourian started out performing on reality TV. One may say he used to be a pioneer in assisting to normalize these procedures, which he regularly films graphic procedures and posts to Instagram, where he effortlessly has the greatest following of all people in the scientific field. That’s thanks in part to his celeb clientele, however, his account is additionally nearly academic in nature; Ourian says many of his followers are different medical professionals.

“A non-surgical rhinoplasty job entails a sequence of dermal filler injections to enhance the aesthetic look of the nose,” Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione Beverly Hills tells individuals. “The aim is no longer to craft the best nose, but to structure a nose that flawlessly fits the patient’s face.” The beauty dermatologist explains that the non-surgical nose job is intended to correct the balance between the nose, chin, and neck proportions. Patients who desire the outcomes of a nose job without barring the possible dangers and healing time of a normal surgical rhinoplasty may additionally choose to go with this non-surgical alternative.

“A surgical rhinoplasty requires the affected person to bear standard anesthesia, with all its attendant dangers and attainable side effects,” explains Ourian. “The non-surgical nose job is executed with the usage of a local anesthetic. While full recuperation time from a surgical nose job is frequently measured in months, for non-surgical nose jobs, healing time can be measured in days.”

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