Happy St. Andrew’s Day!

The present Doodle, shown by visitor artist Peter Lubach, honors St. Andrew’s Day, Scotland’s yearly festival of its patron saint and national culture.

The traditions of St. Andrew’s Day are accepted to follow right back to the eleventh century, and in 2007 the festival was formally settled as a national holiday.

In honor of St. Andrew’s Day, the present Doodle artwork includes a few meaningful components of Scottish iconography.

The rampant lion on the extreme left has since a long time ago spoke to Scotland since its first appearance on legitimate formal attire in the thirteenth century.

Scotland’s national emblem, the thistle, replaces the second “O,” and to its right sits the critically-endangered Scottish wildcat—the leftover local cat species that carries on with in the wild in the UK.

Close to the wildcat stands a castle illustrative of the noteworthy structures that dot the Scottish scene. Lastly on the extreme right is a golden eagle, which represents Scotland’s wild natural landscape.

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