Users of iPhones can create a virtual card number for Apple Cash using the iOS 17.4 beta, according to user reports that have surfaced on Reddit in recent weeks. iPhone users may pay using Apple Cash even when Apple Pay isn’t available by using a virtual card number, which eliminates one of the main restrictions of Apple’s integrated Venmo-like service.

is also seeing this option in the 17.4 beta, but as the note suggests, it might not have been made available to all beta testers. However, it’s simple to find out whether you have it. To set up a virtual card number, just open the Wallet app, tap on your Apple Cash card, and check for a message below your balance. Setting up a virtual card number is an easy two-step process.

After creating the number, you may view the freshly generated card information, which includes a three-digit security code and expiration date, by tapping the three dots menu located in the upper right corner of the screen. When you tap “Additional Card Numbers,” which is located on a different menu farther down from the card number details screen, Apple Cash still appears to require a distinct card number for Apple Pay transactions. Following the feature’s setup,

For those who use Apple Cash frequently, this is a welcome update because, despite its widespread adoption, there are still many locations where it is not accepted. Instead of dealing with bank transfers, which incur a tiny fee when users select the instant transfer option over the free one that takes one to three business days, customers may now auto-fill their Apple Cash card information.

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