Xiaomi has recently unveiled the POCO M6 4G, which it plans to market as the POCO M6 worldwide. Setting the scene, the POCO M6 is the fourth gadget in the POCO M6 series to be released, following the POCO M6 5G, POCO M6 Pro 4G (currently priced at $192.50 on Amazon), and the POCO M6 Pro 5G.

In the end, the POCO M6 4G is just the Redmi 13 4G under a different moniker. With a 108 MP primary camera, a 1080p display, and a 5,030 mAh battery that supports 33 W wired charging, the former is therefore a cost-effective choice. As a point of comparison, the 108 MP sensor boasts a 1/1.67-inch optical format, 3x lossless zoom, and 9-in-1 pixel binning up to 12 MP. Additionally, Xiaomi has a 13 MP front-facing camera with 30 frames per second and a 2 MP macro camera.

In the meantime, the 6.79-inch-wide IPS display has a refresh rate of 90 Hz, a contrast ratio of 1,500:1, and a peak brightness of 550 nits HBM. Additionally, similar to the Redmi 13 4G, the POCO M6 4G has a MediaTek Helio G91 Ultra CPU and up to 8 GB of RAM. Starting on June 11, the Redmi 13 will be available for purchase worldwide, with early bird price valid through June 17. Xiaomi claims that the POCO M6 4G will originally retail for the following amounts:

  • 6 GB RAM/128 GB storage – $129/£129 (£159 MSRP)
  • 8 GB RAM/256 GB storage – $149/£149 (£179 MSRP)
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