In an effort to boost laptop production in India, Intel said on Friday that it will be working with eight original design manufacturers (ODMs) and electronics manufacturing services providers in the nation.

The eight businesses include Syrma SGS Technology Ltd., Optiemus Electronics Ltd., Dixon Technologies India Ltd., Kaynes Technology India Ltd., Bhagwati Products Ltd., and Panache Digilife Ltd.

The multinational computer giant from the United States said in a statement that it will be able to meet demand both domestically and internationally thanks to the partnership with the eight companies, some of whom are venturing into laptop manufacturing for the first time.

As part of the partnership, Intel will contribute its knowledge to help India produce full entry-level laptops. This would involve using cutting-edge surface mount technology lines, establishing a component quality control procedure, and even benchmarking final goods. Additionally, Intel offers ODMs support for both partially and fully shut down processes.

An important turning point for the Indian electronics sector has been reached with the partnership between Intel and the manufacturing ecosystem in India. We are eager to support the development of an electronic ecosystem in India, as Intel has been the primary enabler of other electronic ecosystems throughout the globe. Incorporating Intel’s technological advances and understanding of the global system supply chain ecosystem demonstrates our commitment to developing India’s capacity for electronic manufacturing. Santhosh Viswanathan, vice-president and managing director of Intel for the India region, stated, “By enabling the laptop manufacturing process-from surface mount technology assembly to finished product-we are not only meeting the demands of the Make in India initiative but also contributing to the technological progress of the nation.”

Later in November, Intel will hold the India Tech Ecosystem Summit, which will bring together a variety of regional manufacturers to display products created in India.

“I am thrilled that multinational corporations such as Intel are collaborating with India, contributing to the establishment and stimulation of the electronics production network for laptops and computers. This is in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of making the Indian digital economy reach $1 trillion and allowing the electronics manufacturing sector to generate $300 billion in revenue by 2025–2026,” stated State Minister of State for electronics and IT, entrepreneurship, and skill development Rajeev Chandrasekhar.

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