Apple’s HomePod is getting much more valuable as a home film speaker for Apple TV 4K owners. Apple has affirmed to The Verge that a upcoming programming update will let the speaker yield Dolby Atmos sound just as 5.1 and 7.1 channel sound from Apple’s streaming box.

The element will work best when you have two HomePod speakers matched up, yet in addition works with only one. The new $99 HomePod scaled down, however, won’t uphold the new home film functionality.

Dolby Atmos support shows up as Apple is redesiging how the HomePod functions with its streaming box.

First off, tvOS 14.2 beta 3 permits Apple TV 4K proprietors to set the HomePod as their streaming box’s default speaker yield, as per 9to5Mac, which means it shouldn’t continually drive clients to re-select it as their audio output as it recently did when associated over AirPlay 2.

Until further notice this usefulness seems to expect admittance to a non-public beta version of the HomePod’s operating system, in any case.

The HomePod is additionally getting new encompass sound usefulness, utilizing its spatial awareness highlights to offer virtual surround sound audio.

As noted on Apple’s site, the “home cinema with Apple TV 4K” highlight is just upheld by the more costly HomePod since the $99 HomePod smaller than usual comes up short on its spatial mindfulness or beam-forming technologies. The HomePod smaller than expected can at present be utilized with the Apple TV 4K utilizing AirPlay 2, nonetheless.

Apple’s forthcoming update implies the HomePod will make up for lost time to the Amazon Studio, which has had the option to give Dolby Atmos audio to Fire TV streaming gadgets since its release a year ago.

In the event that Amazon’s execution of the element is anything to pass by, notwithstanding, at that point HomePod and Apple TV 4K proprietors could be in for a treat.

At the point when their colleague Dan Seifert evaluated the component a year ago he found that Amazon’s speaker offered sound quality that was comparable to a bigger and more costly Dolby Atmos soundbar.

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