Covid-19 spared no one.  It has been emotionally, psychologically, monetarily, and physically challenging for everyone. But as always, some had the grit and the means to wade through the uncertainty better than others. However, now more than ever is the time to realize our potential as a diverse community, a non-homogenous uniformity, and a species that looks out for each other. Digital marketing expert WannerAarts believes that making donations is one way for us to stand together for those who are unable to stand for themselves due to Covid. He’s on a mission to encourage people to make timely donations amidst the pandemic.

You don’t have to be a billionaire philanthropist to help others. Small donations are like droplets of water that make the ocean. Once you decide to play your part in the world in an ethical and social sense then you can better define and determine your economic role in shaping it, especially now. For most, this would be the first step to seriously consider donating. The next would be deciding where to start. According to Wanner, “You can start with charities that are working towards bringing food and water to some of the worst-hit places. People and areas with really low net-worth have been unable to sustain themselves in any decent manner despite all government efforts. And with the approaching winter, they will be in dire need of appropriate clothing and enough food.”

Wanner also says that donating to charities that are working towards bringing “vaccine, soap, gloves, masks, and access to clean water to children is needed as we speak. Children are low on immunity and the virus can be a huge threat to infants and kids under the age of five. Timely medical attention and immunity boosters will help them have a chance against Covid. When we secure a child’s life we also secure the life of the parents, who feel empowered and motivated by the help coming their way.”

The elderly have been at the greatest risk since the outbreak of Covid. Many had no support system to speak of and others were unable to benefit from the support they normally would have because of quarantine. Wanner says, “You can invest in charities that arrange registered nurses for the elderly. You can also invest in local food-delivery services that can deliver hot meals to their doorstep. This might help them cope better with the crisis.”

Covid-19 has been a wake-up call for the world. It has shown us our vulnerabilities and our strengths. But most importantly it has shown us our willingness to fight back and secure all that we hold dear to our heart and which sustains our world. Donating is a good way to unite as a force against Covid-19 and become a shield for the weak and less fortunate amongst us.

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