In North America, General Motors is recalling around 820,000 pickup trucks due to the possibility of tailgates unexpectedly unlatching and opening.

Some Chevrolet Silverado 2500, 3500, and GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 models from the 2020–2024 model years that have power unlatching tailgates are covered by the recall. About 570,000 trucks are covered by the recall in the United States and 250,000 in Canada; this makes it GM’s largest recall of the year in the United States and among the largest recalls filed in 2024 thus far.

If water seeps into the space where the electronic gate-release switch for the tailgate is situated, problems occur while the impacted pickup trucks are parked. The water incursion may cause the electronic switch to short circuit, which could cause the tailgate to unlatch.

When unsecured cargo is lost from the truck bed, an unlatched tailgate may open while the vehicle is moving, increasing the danger of an accident and creating a hazard on the road.

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Owners of covered vehicles are advised by the recall notice to make sure the tailgate is closed and latching before starting their car.

Dealers for Chevrolet and GMC will swap out the external touchpad switch components for new ones made of a material that is more resilient to water penetration in order to resolve the problem.

The last change percentage for GM General Motors Co. was 40.98 +/- 0.02 percent.
Dealers will replace the parts at no cost to the customer once enough parts are available for repairs on the affected pickup trucks to start, even if this remedy is not available right now.

The part may be disabled in inventory vehicles for owners looking for a temporary solution until replacement parts arrive.

On March 18, the manufacturer intends to notify owners of the vehicles that are subject to the recall with letters.

“The safety and satisfaction of our customers are among the highest priorities for the entire GM team, and we’re working to quickly remedy this matter,” said GM.

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