Cultivating these 7 habits in a chef can result in tasty success.

Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan is a member of World Master Chefs Society (WMCS) and has started training personnel and guiding young up and comers of the food industry. Chef Faisal started his journey without anyone’s backing or support; he was a well to do banker who had the luxury of fixed income every month. But he was passionate about learning and progressing in the art of making food. He quit his secured job in order to pursue a career to become a chef. And so did he, his innovative ideas, skillful execution, hard work and a keen eye to detail helped him hugely in becoming a famous celebrity chef.

Chef Faisal lists down the following habits to become a culinary genius:

1. Effective Planning: Chef Faisal says “A great chef is also a great planner”, chefs who plan and organise their course of action always succeed. Even in preparation of food, effective planning leads to proper management of the recipe’s ingredients.

2. Time Management: Effective planners also get habituated to successfully manage their time. In a restaurant’s kitchen, time is actually like money. One needs to prepare a quality product in a restricted amount of time, and those chefs who can’t manage time well will get their customers dissatisfied.

3. Focus: In a chaotic environment of a kitchen, it is easy to get distracted from the task at hand. Great chefs are extremely disciplined and always focus on the task at their disposal.

4. Organized Kitchen: An extension of planning, organization of the whole kitchen helps the chefs prevent a mess. A great chef is like an orchestrator in chaos; he knows the exact time it takes to cut, to cook, to garnish the food. Chef Faisal believes a chef is like a director on a film set.

5. Keep Learning: Chef Faisal cultivated this habit of constantly learning and updating himself on the latest trends of the food industry. Great chefs never stop learning as they keep on experimenting with new varieties of food and new techniques to enhance the taste of a certain food item.

6. Be Conscientious: An artist must always stay true to his/her art, putting the same analogy in this place; Chef Faisal says that a chef who wants to achieve continued success must stay true to his craft, to cultivate a great conscience so as to not find any short cuts for the success. Honesty and sincerity help chefs grow leaps and bounds.

7. Simplicity: Chef Faisal suggests from his own experience that “quality always rules over quantity”. Instead of making more dishes, chefs must focus more on the quality of the dishes. This habit makes them different and not mediocre.

These 7 basic habits given by celebrity Chef Faisal would help chefs progress in all areas of life as well as make them achieve substantial success in their professional life.

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