Syed Irfanuddin has broken the glass ceiling of traditional entrepreneurship and emerged as a humble and respectable modern-day businessman.

Sometimes it feels that much more discussions are needed for the world to know about individuals who deserve to attain a staggering level of success, not only because they have been doing excellently well in their careers, but most importantly because they act like case studies for other youngsters and rising entrepreneurs of the world to know how an entrepreneur must live life, dedicating his efforts to work for others and be of help to them in hours of need. The best example of such an entrepreneur is Syed Irfanuddin from Hyderabad, who was born in an affluent family, but the one who was taught to live a life like a humble businessman. No matter how much ever challenging this may sound, but Syed Irfanuddin believes that this is what has helped him and his brothers achieve the success they enjoy today and this is what has encouraged and motivated them to work for others in every way possible.

If patience and persistence had a face, it would have been only of Syed Irfanuddin’s father Mr Syed Hameeduddin, who rose above all his struggles in life starting from nothing at hand to diving into the tobacco business and finally creating his own empire in the form of RR Group of Companies, which has been riding high on success through working into multiple verticals, from spices and kitchen products to realty and development.

Being simplistic and optimistic can also lead a person towards his/her desired success, believes Syed Irfanuddin who today manages the chair of Vice Chairman at RR Group of Companies. “The true definition of success is when a business not only benefits the business owner but works for people and society at large, is what I have learnt from my father,” says Syed Irfanuddin.

Seeing the many struggles his father faced in his life and learning how happiness can be found by making others happy, Syed Irfanuddin and his brothers, along with their father and their empire decided to come forward and work towards helping people, especially amidst the trying times caused by a pandemic where people have even lost jobs or lack proper food and health facilities. They have been providing people with free monthly ration kits, oxygen cylinders, medicines, and many more things.

To further expand their empire, Syed Irfanuddin with his brother Waqar, Imran and Zeeshan also founded a group of companies called WIIZ, created by taking the first letters of their names. WIIZ has been formed to reach more people with their products and services and serve them the best with their contemporary needs and demands. WIIZ Realtors LLP has delved into the real estate space providing modern homes and spaces to people. WIIZ LED is all about electrical supplies and WIIZ Health Tech is into medical, surgical and technical equipments in the healthcare space.

Syed Irfanuddin also highlights that he would like to go to Dubai, which is like a second home for him because of the umpteen numbers of opportunities the place offers for the world of business. For the next year, he has already made his plan for business where they would make their presence stronger in the space of electrical supplies and realty and expand the empire by getting into many other verticals.

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