Ford has begun shipping trucks from its Rouge Electric Vehicle Center manufacturing site outside Detroit to dealerships, and it has confirmed price reductions for the majority of 2024 F-150 Lightning classes.

The Flash Extended Range has had the most price reduction, starting at $70,090 including the required $2,095 destination charge. That is $5,500 less than Ford’s most recent base price quote. This comes after the carmaker said in January that the price of the Flash and other Lightning models would increase.

In 2024, the Lightning Flash will join the roster, bringing popular tech options that were previously only available with the Lariat and Platinum grades together. In related news, the base MSRP of the Lariat is reduced by $2,500 to $79,090 including destination. The Platinum grade remains at $87,090 including destination.

A $2,000 price reduction is applied to the base XLT Standard Range grade, making it start at $65,090 with destination. This model’s dual-motor all-wheel-drive system produces 452 horsepower, and its smaller 98-kwh battery pack allows for a range of 240 miles. With a 131-kwh battery pack that provides 320 miles of range for Flash and Lariat models and 300 miles for Platinum models, the Extended Range variants are rated at 580 horsepower.

Additionally, Ford incorporated a walk-away lock feature, altered the instrument cluster’s charging-speed display, added extra towing options, and made a heat pump standard for 2024. Pro Power Onboard, which enables owners to use the battery pack to power tools or electronic devices, now functions even when the truck is not moving. Additionally, the optional BlueCruise driver-assist system now has hands-free lane change and in-lane repositioning capabilities.

Owners of the Lightning and other Ford EVs will be able to charge at Tesla Supercharger stations thanks to the North American Charging Standard (NACS) adapters that Ford said in February it would start delivering. All new and current FordPass subscribers will receive a free adaptor per vehicle up until June 30. After that, each adapter will cost $230.

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