The present Google Doodle celebrates Anna Molka Ahmed, an eminent Pakistani artists and teacher. On 1 June in 1940 at the University of the Punjab, Lahore, Ahmed built up the Fine Arts Department, which is currently known as the University College of Arts and Design. This division established the framework of arts education in the nation.

She was the nation’s first art instructor who used to bring her students out of the study hall so they could paint outside.

Born Anna Molka Bridger, on 13 August 1917, in London, she was resolved to turn into a artist from an exceptionally youthful age in spite of confronting the dissatisfaction with her folks.

Her assurance won and she selected at the Royal College of Art in London, where she met her better half, Sheikh Ahmed. The pair got married in September 1939 and moved to Lahore.

Ahmed’s profession as a teacher took a startling turn when she reacted to a promotion from the University of Punjab, searching for a artist to open a ladies’ specialty division nearby.

In 1940 she became built up the division and turned into the principal leader of the college’s Fine Arts Department.

For the following thirty years she assumed a key role in fostering the culture of arts education in Pakistan. She is additionally credited for sorting out the first art show at any point held in the nation.

A significant number of her understudies proceeded to set up their own instructive expressions programs across the country.

Alongside educating Ahmed kept on painting. Her expressionist work frequently joined European impacts with that of motivations from her embraced nation.

The Government of Pakistan in acknowledgment of her administrations to expressions in the nation, respected her with Tamgha-I-Imtiaz in 1963.

Her little girl, Zarah David shared the accompanying about her mom and her effect on her childhood with Google:

“My childhood was fun as Mummy was a lively person who made my life interesting with her love for music and the performing arts. It was her vision that apart from studies, children needed to be encouraged to have a well rounded education. I had tutors for teaching me classical singing, classical dance and learning to play various musical instruments. All this enabled me to take part in various charity shows and plays. This background in the arts guided me in my life’s journey as well.

“Her volatile personality, her vim and vigor, the love she had for her adoptive country, carried her through the tough times. When you look back and see the hurdles she had to overcome, one realizes what a remarkable person she was and what she was able to accomplish. There are so many who were her colleagues and students who went on to reach great heights and have always remembered her with pride.”

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