Albert Sheeler is the CEO of SINSA Cosmetics SAS, an upcoming skincare brand in the Latin American market. Mr. Sheeler is also the Chairman of Strategic Equities, an investment fund focused on financing and advising small and Mid business companies.

So we asked Mr. Sheeler to tell us how to choose the perfect name for your business.

Whether you’re in the creative business, a business start-up or professional services, your company name is a very important component of your new brand. It will need to incorporate your values and will be the foundation on which to build the identity of the business.

Your name should be original, to stand out from the competition, and be easily identifiable by potential customers. In addition, it must be right for you. In fact, the business name must reflect your values, the way you do business, and the personality of the people at the center of the company, usually the owners. For some new businesses, the choice of name is obvious and is made from the beginning, while for others, you have to try a few options before finding the right one.

Finding a name for a business is not a task to be rushed through, and you’ll also want to gather as much feedback as possible, even if you won’t like all the answers. You may not want to go so far as to open up the discussion on social, however it’s worth asking for feedback from various people you admire and respect, inside and outside of the business.

When you start a business, it’s likely that your perspective will change several times over time, and that’s good because it means you’re growing. Give yourself the freedom to try out various names for a few weeks before you find the right one.

Creativity and brand image in the trade name

Brand identity is an important concept to understand in the process of choosing a name, and it covers all aspects related to your company’s presence: the parts that are visible to the public, such as graphics, store front, logo, website, and social media accounts. It doesn’t encapsulate the whole story of your brand, but it is a crucial part of it, especially if yours is a new business.

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s important that your brand image is authentic, and that means tying all the different parts of your brand identity together to make them work as one whole. The business name plays a key role in this process and branding strategy. Consider potential names along with other elements of your brand identity, such as: – Logo design

  • Product and line names
  • Marketing channels, including social media
  • The domain names you’ll use for the main website and campaign landing pages.
  • Make sure the name is consistent and appropriate in various environments and scenarios, online and offline, from marketing to conferences, from audiences to potential investors. Finally, use your instincts. You and your team will have to live with it on a daily basis, so spend some time analyzing your emotional and gut reaction to your chosen name. Does it convey a sense of joy, energy and dynamism?

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