It’s becoming harder and harder to stand out on social media. It seems like everyone has a profile and your feed is full of noise. How can you build your brand like this? Randi Banks is a professional influencer who’s worked hard to leverage her social media profiles to bring her success. Here are her top five tips for getting yourself out there and making it online.

Post different things on different networks.

Did you know that the audiences of sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are completely different? In many cases, you’ll need to post different content on your different social media channels to keep your posts relevant. “Think about the age of your audience, what humor they would enjoy, and whether the post is text, photo, or video-based. That will help you determine where to put it.”

Set goals.

If you’re growing your profiles to make money, you need to ensure that you’re making progress. Sit down and set some relevant goals for building your following. “You might resolve to post daily or gain a certain number of followers.” Then check in every quarter to see how you’re doing and whether your goals need to be updated.

Research your target audience.

First, determine who you want to market to. Then go online and find out where these people hang out and study them. If you’re joining a new social network like TikTok, watch lots of content on the site before posting too much. “Each site has its own flavor, and if you don’t know the trends and influencers, you’ll stick out in a bad way.”

Manage your reputation.

While it’s important to be yourself online, you should ensure that you’re making a positive impact. Say thank you to your followers and take the time to respond to comments. “Avoid making controversial statements as much as possible. This can take attention away from your brand.”

Be consistent.

In order to please the algorithms on most sites, you need to post regularly. Aim for at least once a day, but posting more often can help your engagement on some sites. “Making a social media calendar helped me,” Banks said. “Schedule out your content and know what you want to post early in the morning. Then set an alarm on your phone so you can post at the best time of day.”

Building your social media brand will be more essential than ever in 2021. With advice from experts like Randi Banks, you can make your content dreams a reality.