Instagram is a photo-sharing application that is popular all over the world thanks to its feature-rich user interface and large user base. Additionally, the firm frequently rolls out new features to improve the user experience. As part of this series, the Meta-owned app announced the upcoming release of four new features.

These traits were described in a report by FoneArena. These features, according to the tech blog site, were introduced at a meeting in Gurgaon. Here are all the things the business will introduce in the future, from Birthday to Selfie Video Notes.

Feature of Birthday

Instagram has a “Birthday” function that it has introduced to make birthday celebrations enjoyable on the platform. Instagram users can utilize the function to tell their followers and friends about this special day in order to promote celebrations with stickers and confetti and make the moment memorable.

Audio Notes And Selfie Video

The app’s Notes feature has long been a favorite method of communication, much like Direct Messages (DM). “Young people now prefer using Notes to quickly share updates with one another. It’s up there with direct messages as one of the most popular ways that youths talk to their friends, Meta told IANS.

The leader in social media announced Audio and Selfie Video Notes to further improve this experience. Users of Audio Notes can leave audio recordings as Notes, as the name would suggest. However, the Selfie Video Notes functionality will enable users to record videos inside of Notes. These lopping video may only be seen for a period of 24 hours. It will help in giving communication a dynamic perspective.

Several Lists of Stories

Users will be able to make many lists using the new features, some of which may go beyond Close Friends. For even more control over who sees your Stories, you will now have the option to group friends. Instagram further stated that it would soon begin testing these features before progressively rolling them out to users.

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