Mahera Omar’s movie Sometimes Even The Shore Drowns took up the best international special mention prize at the 5th Nepal Cultural International Film Festival in Kathmandu on Sunday.

The film is an homage to the human and non-human occupants of Karachi’s mangrove forest, as well as the formidable periwinkle and the bubbler crab.

The Edge of the Sea, Sometimes Even the Shore Drowns, by Rachel Carson (Kabhi Aisai Bhi Hota Hai Ke Kinare Doob Jate Hain), was the inspiration for the film, which had its premiere at the festival on Saturday.

The film takes viewers on a silent journey through a fragile wetland habitat on the outskirts of an industrial metropolis, set against the backdrop of human activity in and around mangrove forest waterways, amid steaming vessels and a new cityscape.

Mahera’s other films have been shown at international film festivals such as Delhi International Film Festival, Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival, and Film South Asia, in addition to showings in Pakistan.

Her filmography has some standout performances, such as Perween Rahman in the musical travelogues The Dream Journey and Rebel Optimist.

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